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31 March 2023

Lisp CAN logger.

30 March 2023

Japanese Woodblock Prints in a Ukiyo-e Archive

28 March 2023

Smalltalk Type - an ongoing restoration project of the typefaces used in the GUI of the Smalltalk-80 system.

25 March 2023

EUBUCCO is a scientific database of individual building footprints for 200+ million buildings across the 27 European Union countries and Switzerland, together with three main attributes - building type, height and construction year

Breast Cancer Detection in Pharo.

Dreamworks MoonRay tracer

Code on GitHub for MoonRay

Hacker News Discussion.

The Naive Origins of the Cloud-optimized GeoTIFF

Kowloon Walled City

Collective Noun of a group of Game Devs.

Intro to Spherical Harmonics

Goat Canyon Trestle bridge.

18 March 2023

Reports from the Polaris Game Design workshop

17 March 2023

How to understand closures in Common Lisp

How to use free satellite data to monitor natural disasters and environmental changes

Using a Raspberry Pi to add a second HDMI port to a laptop

11 March 2023

Introduction to urban accessibility

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