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30 May 2023



Stephen Wolfram on ChatGPT

Colombian Earthquakes

Siggraph 2023 papers.

The power relay that changed the power industry.

Real World Risk Institute.

Projective Geometric Algebra

Small RISC-V system.

How to use the Sentinel 1 toolbox.

Pix4d Open Photogrammerty Format.

Eric Lengyel's graphics page

Game Engine Programming.

Quantum VM

Quil for Quantum computing

23 May 2023

Deploying Racket WebApps

Deploying Racket WebApps with Docker

MacOS X Rancho Cucamonga

QGIS open day 26.05.2023

5 reasons every data science team neads a geographer.

20 May 2023

How do Clouds work in Video Games?

Open Data Response to the Flooding in Italy from Maxar

Before the Green Moon farming life sim.


CLOS MOP because I keep losing it.

Simon Stalenhag

Pixar online library

Turning Lakes into River Gauges using the LakeFlow algorithm

GAAD 203 Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023.

14 May 2023

Intel One Mono font.

Problems harder then NP-Complete.

Hacker News discussion about harder than NP-Complete.

Pulp Platform Multi-TFLOPs RISC-V

SGI XFS file system

Hacker News Discussion about XFS.

10 Games like Firewatch that take you on a journey.

Energy Data Hackdays 2002

10 May 2023

Porting WaterLily.jl to GPUs


Early AI projects from MIT.

Kontur Population: Global Pupulation Density for 400m H3 Hexagons.

09 May 2023

Open source transport network analysis

Open Source Earth Science datasets.

Prolog for data science.

The Awesome Power of Theory Explorations in the untyped lambda calculus

ARSET - Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar.

07 May 2023

Digital Barn high quality polaroids from 1981 for the Xerox Star 8010

Frugal Computing.

OpenBB 3.0 an open source investment terminal like a Bloomberg Terminal

Common Lisp the untold story

05 May 2023

Linux Phantom Disk Reads

IBM AS/400 databases all the way down.

Bruce O'Neel

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