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18 July 2023

One Third of North Americian's birds disapeard

Underwater Ears

Zuo: A Tiny Racket for Scripting

15 July 2023

Using LIDAR to map trees.

Global Wind Atlas

Seabed 2030 Project Launches a New Website to Give Fresh Momentum to Ocean Mapping Efforts

Richard Jones garbage collection.

Lisp and quantum.

SeaBed 2030

14 July 2023

The Symbolics Virtual Lisp Machine Or Using The Dec Alpha As A Programmable Micro-engine

CL Cookbook CLOS

More on CLOS.

05 July 2023


Computer Chess Challenge.

03 July 2023

swissSURFACE3D - Swiss LIDAR cloud data.

How to create a game using hyperbolic geometry?

NoteCards from Xerox in a nutshell.

Racket - The Lisp for the modern day

Exposing Floating Point

Complex History of the i960 RISC

PDP-6/10 Hacks

Cydra 5 supercomputer

Inequality from Space.

Tape vs Disk

Bruce O'Neel

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