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28 October 2023

Helmhurts Solving the Helmholtz Equation for WiFi reception.

Wind Whisperers

Energy Bottleneck.

PDF for Data-Driven Science and Engineering.

And the code...

And the lectures.

16 October 2023

Common Lisp on the web: enrich your stacktrace with request and session data

Conformal Prediion

Pi All Sky camera

Write a GUI from scratch in Wayland.

Hacker News discussion about GUIs in Wayland.

Geospatial Data Science with Julia

Implementing the GPU programming model on a CPU.

AST vs Bytecode compilers.

09 October 2023

Kent Pitman Hindsight is 20/20.

08 October 2023

Curl reverse shell

Gerbil Scheme

Historical Topo Map explorer.

Topo Map explorer site

The Last Express - Digital Antiquarian

04 October 2023

Finding Hope in Fungus

Disappearing Art of Maintenance

Coral Cities and others.



QGIS server guide.

Complexity Science Hub Vienna

Bruce O'Neel

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