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28 November 2023


ANTS 2024

Computational Modelling of terrains.

Revival of Medley Interlisp

Hacker News discussion of Medley Interlisp

Medley Interlisp Project.

Folk Interfaces

Lisp in Mathematics

Kustomrama Custom cars in the US

27 November 2023

Maxar Open Satellite Feed.

Hacker News on Maxar

30 day mapping challenge

Failed Commodification of Technical Work.

Astra Games.

24 November 2023

Shop Planner Shop3

22 November 2023

SolarExpress - Grandes Installations PV

Inter Typeface Family

Put some CLOS in your ECS

20 November 2023

Spatial Data Science Conference.

Let's write a DSL

Fantasy is important.

Interactive Common Lisp Development.

Sears Houses

Cl-Waffel2 Lisp Programmable Deep Learning Framework.

15 November 2023

Forth 2020

ArcGIS Bathymetry

ArcGIS and Sentinel-1

10 November 2023

RacketCon Videos.

Tumble Forth



Forth 2020

Hacker News on Tumble Forth

09 November 2023


RacketCon 2023

What is the Glamorous Toolkit.

Global Bathymetry and Topography at 15 Arc Sec: SRTM15+ V2.5.5

Sentinel-2 Photoshop Tutorial

08 November 2023

Utildata redefining the Grid from the edge.

Microgrid in Cully

OpusModus Music Composition System in Lisp.

05 November 2023

Understanding Deep Learning

04 November 2023

Racket AI.

Machine Learning for Game Devs Part 1.

CISSP and cc.

OpenUSD - path to industry wide VFX interoperability

02 November 2023

OpenRW game engine to place GTA III. Uses SDL.

ECS and Game Development in Lisp

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