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25 January 2024

Stopping Linux Threads Cleanly.

24 January 2024

Eduard creates beautiful and accurate Swiss-style shaded relief images for maps.

Map Gallery Spotlight: Evan Applegate from Avenza Systems.

the experience of completing a sketchbook for my japan trip

PicoGK is a compact open-source geometry kernel created by LEAPÔÇ»71.

Leap71 is a team of pioneers in the new field of Computational Engineering.

Reading QR codes.

Dynamic Programming is not Black Magic

Hacker News Discussion about this.

15 January 2023

GIS for Climate Change.

State of the world 2024.

Andrew Glassner, graphics Quantum and Deep Learning.

12 January 2024

Barter is an open-source Rust framework for building event-driven live-trading & backtesting systems.

CHM Makes Apple Lisa Source Code Available to the Public as a Part of Its Art of Code Series

Lisa Pascal Development in Lisa Workshop

07 January 2024

Umbra Open Data on AWS

Climate-Smart Farming.

04 January 2024

Atlas of Design A gallery of beautiful and inspiring maps from around the world.

North American Cartographic Information Society

Path Tracing Workshop.

High Precision Mapping.

Hacker News discussion about High Precision Mapping.

Mapping Northern Ireland's Green Spaces.

Writing a TrueType Font Renderer.

Running 9front on an emulated SGI Indy via MAME.

Top 10 most useful geospatial data portals.

Spatial Reserves.

StoryScape - Drawing storylines Jan 2024

01 January 2024

Crafting Interpreters

The Art of HPC

High Percision Mapping.

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