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28 February 2024

Why Swiss maps are full of hidden secrets

Hacker News Discussion about Swiss Maps.

Swisstopo Maps

Actual Map Server for Swisstop Maps

IEEE Conference on Games

26 February 2024

Reggaeton Be Gone!

20 February 2024

Best Switch Games for Adults. Cult of the Lamb, Dredge and others.

18 February 2024

Cory Doctorow - What Kind of Bubble is AI?

A Single Map is Enough for a Lifetime.

17 February 2024

What comes after Unix?


Demystifying GPU compute architectures.

Solving SAT via Positive Supercompilation.

Cartographer Chronicles: Mike Boruta

A single small map is enough for a lifetime.


ARMv8 Beginner's Assembly Tutorial

Hacker News discussion about the above.

Y2038 discussion for glibc

09 February 2024

ERA5 hourly data on single levels from 1940 to present

ERA5 from climate reanalyzer

Solving SAT via Positive Supercompilation.

08 February 2024

Flux Framework for HPC scheduling.

cl-tranducers efficient data processing.

Fourmilab is John Walker's website from somewhere in the Juras. He founded Autodesk and recently passed.

Bernstein Bear Lisp Series.

A complete course in Cartographic Design

FAA Aviation Maps.

07 February 2024

GLFW is an open source multi-platform library for OpenGL.

Writing an ad hoc GUI for Coleslaw.

01 February 2024

Brew Metric Watch

Dynamic Programming is not black magic.

Hacker News on Dynamic Programming.

QR Codes.

Rob Warnock Lisp Archive

A tour of the lisps.

How can I download older Topo maps.

Wave Coast Interactions.

OpenTopography Jupiter Notebooks for USGS 3D Elevation Program.

A single small map.

Transducers are an ergonomic and extremely memory-efficient way to process a data source

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