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28 April 2024

AT&T Long Lines.

26 April 2024

State Machines in CLOS.

Debian on a Mellanox SN2700

And also on a Mellanox SN2010

24 April 2024

Descent3 source code.

Fast MPSC (Multi Producer Single Consumer) Queue in sbcl.

Cyc histories forgotten AI project.

Google common lisp style guide on hacker news

The Google Common Lisp Style Guide.

The Nature of Code.

Porche 919 optimization via genetic algorithms.

UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group. Lots of aero data.

Current state of map design in OpenStreetMap.

PyQGIS programmer's guide

SBCL internals

SBCL Internals on Hacker News.

Climate Game Jam.

Realization of Parallel Lisp using Multiprocessing.

Francois Fleuret - UNIGE and EPFL machine learning.

Francois Fleuret's Little Book of Deep Learning.

14 April 2024

F1 Pitstop Perdict ML

Alien a CUDA powered artifical life simulator.

BLIS a BLAS-Like library Instantiation Software Framework. Tres cool.

Termales del Ruiz near Maniyales Colombia. On the Nevado del Ruiz.

13 April 2024

CSRB Review of Summer 2023 Microsoft Intrusion.

Energy Markets in Europe.

A canonical Hamiltonian formulation of the Navier Stokes problem

Is the frequency domain a real place?

FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2024

Computing the Eclipse: Astronomy in the Wolfram Language


Is it dry yet. Home Assistant interface

Home Assistant.

09 April 2024

Green Software

NMState - network state

Toolbx for command line pods

Master Toolbx website


05 April 2024

GEE community Catalog

Dryad Science data


Global Health Data

Harvard Dataverse

Humanitarian Data Exchange

Geo AIDData

01 April 2024

Story behind Pixar's Renderman

Vision Pro is over engineered.

Climate Scorpion- the sting is in the tail.

Interface Builder's Alternative Lisp timeline

Geohot's documentation for the AMD 7900XTX.

Visiting Scarfolk.

What happens to Google Maps when Tectonic Plates Move.

25 Years Later, RollerCoaster Tycoon is Still One of the Most Addictive Games Ever Made

The bitter lesson that statistical methods and search have won over and over with respect to trying to engineer intelligence.

Termales del Ruiz

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