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12 June 2024

A Taxonomy of SIMD usage.

Vulkan 1.3 on the M1 in 1 month.

Intel CPU poewr meter.

Quieting the Global Growl - marine noise.

What is PID 0.

Curated Books Machine Learning, Graphs, and Optimizing.

09 June 2024


08 June 2024

The Energy Transition Won't Happen.

Muskrat - wetland Architect.

04 June 2024

Native Dr. Racket GUIs.

Green Software Lab

Energy Efficiency in Programming Languages.

Ranking programming languages by energy efficiency.

Green Algorithms.

Electricity Maps

Trapped in the Iron Age.

02 June 2024

Partial Release of the K language

Shakti where K lives.

01 June 2024

Subnational shape files



Natural Earth Data

GAUL Global Administration Unit Layers.

IPLUMS International GIS Boundary Files.

US State Department GeoData

UN Humanitarian Data Exchange.

My fear of commitment to the 1st CPU core - on Latency

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