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11 August 2022

Siggraph 2022 complex realistic forests.

New SwissTOPO 25 cm images.

Selection of 25cm photos.

Blue Carbon Project.

09 August 2022

Des forêts 3D toujours plus réalistes grâce aux écoclimats

08 August 2022

SAR Handbook Comprehensive Methodologies for Forest Monitoring and Biomass Estimation

05 August 2022

FluidX3D source is released.

FluidX3D twitter

FluidX3D github.

04 August 2022

Kons-9 a 3D Graphics Project in Common Lisp.

Kaveh Kardan writes 3D animation software.

Kons-9 software

02 August 2022

Probabilistic machine learning - Material to accompany my book series "Probabilistic Machine Learning" (Software, Data, Exercises, Figures, etc)

Pointers to the three PML books

X-Wing turbulence

GPS Jam.

Behind the Pretty Frames - Resident Evil

DICOM file format basics

DICOM file basics discussion on Hacker News.

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